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Our Mission

At ProSoccerGlobal we have a team of staff who have extensive knowledge and experience within football. Our goal is to utilize the skills that we have to design and deliver services, programs & events that provide amazing football opportunities and experiences ‘On and Off the Field’.

Our aim is to use football as a catalyst for players/coaches and all people within football to fulfil their potential in both a sporting & educational capacity.

Our team

Jimmy Hayes

Jimmy Hayes

Co-Director & Premier League Academy Scout

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I’m a huge Liverpool FC fan, ProSoccerGlobal Co-Director and academy scout for a Premier League Academy.


I’ve been involved in football for 40+ years, as a youth team player, youth and district representative team coach, Premier League Academy scout, director of Galacticos Soccer Academy and co-director of ProSoccerGlobal.


My experience as a youth player, coach, Academy Director, scout and co-director of ProSoccerGlobal has allowed me to experience the beautiful game both on and off the field at a high level.


I’ve gathered a vast amount of knowledge and understanding of different facets of the game throughout my footballing journey and been fortunate enough to play, coach, and scout in various countries across the globe.


Working as a co-director for ProSoccerGlobal and an academy scout since 2015 has provided me the opportunity to see how elite youth development operates at top level clubs with different footballing philosophies and cultures.


I’m passionate about football and sharing my knowledge & expertise with the global football family to help grow the beautiful game.


Our ProSoccerGlobal motto is “With You On And Off The Field” and I’m immensely proud to be part of the ProSoccerGlobal team providing amazing footballing experiences.

Our Philosophy

To develop and provide opportunities and experiences that promote and embrace the values associated with the beautiful game.


To make our ProSoccerGlobal programs, services and events accessible to everyone and create inclusivity for all.


To deliver excellence both on and off the field and promote development within football, academics & life-skills.


To work collaboratively with associates and partners globally to create a pathway that supports achievement in football & education.

Chris Mcgrath

Co-Director & Licenced Football Intermediary

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I'm a ProSoccerGlobal Co-Director and an intermediary (agent) licensed by the English Football Association.


In the last 12 years I have been involved in numerous transfers of academy age and senior players in the UK and Europe including youth and senior National Team players. As an Independent scout I have been consulted by both scouts and Sports Directors with a number of players subsequently being signed.


Throughout my time in these various roles I have developed a keen eye for spotting talented players at every level and age group.


My experiences in working with clubs all over Europe has developed my knowledge of different football cultures, levels and styles of play.


My time working with players has allowed me to develop a deep understanding of what it takes to really look after a player and work with them to help develop their career.


My involvement in numerous player transfers has given me a first-hand insight into the mechanics of negotiating transfers and players contracts.


I truly believe that football is so much more than just a game. My love for using it to bring people from all cultures and walks of life together is my motivation behind the ProSoccerGlobal idea.

Chris McGrath
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Tournament Director and Talent ID specialist

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My passion is football both on and off the field. Working as a Talent ID specialist for a football agency I was involved in identifying youth talent across Central Europe and in the UK. I spent a lot of time attending matches across various levels and assessing players. It’s a part of the game I really enjoyed and identifying players who are now playing professionally at a Premier League club, top league in Poland and Internationally for Slovakia is something I’m immensely proud of.


For the last 5yrs I’ve been working as the events director for ProSoccerGlobal in the UK and Europe. Utilising my network across Europe and my extensive experience in youth football I’ve designed and organised elite football tours for teams from across the globe. I’ve also been instrumental in facilitating  and delivering our football tournaments in Europe and UK.


Football is a huge part of my life and It’s fantastic to be part of the ProSoccerGlobal team that is creating opportunities and experiences that support youth development both on and off the field.


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Hungary Directors

 gabor takacs & Andrea Nyary

"Working with ProSoccerGlobal has allowed us to give young players in Hungary and across Central Europe the opportunity to experience the highest level of football in the UK"

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Canada Director

 Coach Maria Procopio

"I joined a ProSoccerGlobal UK tour in January 2020 and knew immediately that I wanted to bring this fantastic opportunity to young soccer players in Canada"  

malaysia flag (black background).png

ProSoccerGlobal Malaysia Director

 ian yardy

"I feel strongly that the incredible work ProSoccerGlobal do in opening up unique soccer experiences will greatly benefit the children and young adults of Malaysia and beyond" 

pro soccor final ghana flag (white).png

ProSoccerGlobal ghana Director

 Steven yawson

"We wanted to help the children and young adults in my home city of Tema, Ghana by providing increased educational opportunities through football. ProSoccerGlobal are helping young players to achieve soccer scholarships to the USA that will change their lives.  

ProSoccerGlobal has a diverse team of staff across the world, including Elite Youth Development Coaches, Premier League and European Academy Scouts, Youth League CEOs, European Recruitment specialists, football administrators and staff from other roles within the beautiful game.

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