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ProSoccerGlobal International Tours provide an unforgettable soccer tour experience for Boys & Girls teams across all age groups and ability levels. We cater for Professional Academy teams, College/Universities, grassroots teams, Schools, soccer clubs and League 'Select' & 'Representative' teams. We organise individually tailored Football Tours to the UK, countries across Europe, the USA and Japan. All of our International Tours provide a sporting, cultural and educational experience that will support development on and off the field.


Our team of staff who work in the Premier League, Championship and European Academies arrange everything your football tour requires, including travel to and from your home city to your tour destination, accommodation of your choice, transport throughout the tour, an agreed number of matches against similar ability level opposition and training sessions that meet your requirements. Additionally our ProSoccerGlobal International Tours team work with you to arrange a tailored package of football, social, cultural and educational activities. This includes tickets to watch Premier League, Championship and European games, guided tours of Premier League/European Club Stadiums and a choice of social, cultural and educational activities in the country you are visiting.

ProSoccerGlobal Tours also offer a full range of videography services so you can choose to have games and/or training sessions filmed. We can also arrange for Premier League and European Academy Coaches to deliver bespoke training sessions.

Additionally, individual players or all players in your team can have their performance analysed by Premier League, Championship and European Academy Scout. Our network of Academy Scouts will watch your game/s and complete a written player performance assessment that highlights strengths and areas for improvement.

ProSoccerGlobal International Tours staff will work with you to design a tour that meets your financial budget, make suitable travel arrangements and book accommodation that meets your team/s (groups) room occupancy requirements. We'll also work with you to ensure we arrange games against teams of a similar ability level, training sessions to support the development of your players  and various cultural, social & educational activities that will make your ProSoccerGlobal Football Tour an unforgettable experience.

A designated member of our team will arrange a pre-tour meeting where we'll discuss your soccer tour requirements. The meeting will be the start of the process to design your tour and we’ll work with you to create a tour that meets all your requirements on and off the field.

Email us to get the ball rolling and discuss your tour requirements, or request a sample UK/European Soccer Tour brochure.

*We offer Free Places for groups of 25 or more.

*Discounts for touring with more than 1 x Team.

*Fundraising advice and payment plans.

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ProSoccerGlobal would like to invite you on a once in a lifetime soccer tour to the home of football. Have you ever dreamed of touring England, Scotland and Wales to play soccer against some of the most famous football clubs in the world, attend coaching sessions delivered by Elite Youth Development Coaches, watch Premier/Champions League games and visit Iconic Stadiums and historical & cultural landmarks. 

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european TOURS

ProSoccerGlobal create fantastic tours to countries across Europe. Visit Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Greece, Sweden, or another European country and test your skills on the field while enjoying an incredible cultural experience off the field. We organise games against Pro Academies or similar ability level opposition, training sessions at some of Europe’s premier academies, Stadium tours to some of the worlds most iconic football grounds, tickets to watch the best teams in Europe and a host of cultural, social, team-building events/activities in the country you are touring.

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ProSoccerGlobal offer amazing tours to the America. Choose to visit New York, Florida, California or a state in the US of your choice. We organise a packed itinerary, which includes games against MLS Academies, Universities or similar ability level opponents, training sessions with Elite US Youth Development coaches, tickets to MLS games and/or Basketball and the NFL. During your tour to the US we organise various sightseeing, cultural, events and social activities to America’s most famous landmarks, theme parks and historical places of interest.

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japan TOURS

Touring Japan is an amazing experience both on and off the field. The facilities are excellent, the football is tactical & technical and played with a high intensity. We can offer options to tour Tokyo, Yokohama or Osaka, where you’ll play against professional academies who are amongst the best youth teams in Asia. Off the field you’ll enjoy an incredible cultural experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Japan has an incredible history, is visually stunning and its culture is an interesting mixture of Eastern traditions and Western modernity. Imagine spending the day in Disneyland, visiting a holy Temple in the evening and spending the night in an iconic modern Japanese Pod Hotel. 

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Fulham FC

USA Mens National team

prosoccerglobal ambassador


"I’ve known ProSoccerGlobal Director Jimmy since I was 10 years old. Jimmy and the ProSoccerGlobal staff eat, drink and sleep football. The expertise and knowledge they have in creating football tour experiences,  supporting Elite Youth Player Development and providing opportunities for players to study while playing football is fantastic. I’m delighted to be part of the ProSoccerGlobal team and play my part On and Off The Field as their UK ProSoccerGlobal Ambassador

Antonee Robinson

David Eristavi.jpg

David Eristavi

Alpharetta Ambush Director of Coaching

“I've been on many Soccer Tours all over the world and the ProSoccerGlobal Tour to England is the best by far. Everything ProSoccerGlobal do is so professional and focused on providing an unforgettable soccer tour experience."

wake forest university columbus crew fc


David Wrona

"Playing soccer at English Premier League Academies was crazy. Being scouted and invited to trails with two Premier League Academies was a dream come true. ProSoccerGlobal provided me these amazing opportunities and I loved my time in the UK."


Tarlie Burnett

"We had an absolutely amazing and memorable trip. Thank you so much to Chris and Jimmy for the amazing hospitality, they are both second to none. I appreciate the positive and inspirational support you both provided to Phoenix. 2 of the best mentors a young man could have for football and in life"

Tour client from australia

mum of phoenix, u12 player

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