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1 or 2yr Pre-University Soccer Scholarships

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1/2/3/4yr University Soccer Scholarships

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What do we do

Our ProSoccerGlobal team have in excess of 25 years experience of recruiting players at both academy & professional level in the UK, United States and Europe, including the English Premier League, Championship and top leagues in Europe.


ProSoccerGlobal believe that continuing your education while playing football at a high level is a fantastic opportunity of achieving your potential both ‘On and Off the Field’.


Our Global Soccer Scholarship program is for talented male/female players aged between 16 years and 21 years of age. The services we provide have one goal and that’s to find the most suitable Soccer Scholarship program for players to fulfil their potential as a footballer and academically.


We work with Schools, Colleges, Universities, International Academies and academic/sporting organisations to provide the very best in Global Soccer Scholarships. We have a network of partners and affiliates across the USA and United Kingdom that we collaborate with, all of whom are experts in developing players both on and off the field.

pre-university soccer scholarships

Our 1 and 2-year Pre-University Soccer Scholarship program is for players 15/16/17 years of age and provides a fantastic opportunity to study in the USA or UK while playing football at a high level.


A 2-year Pre-University Soccer Scholarship program in the USA or UK is an opportunity for players to develop as footballers, while continuing their High School education and/or additional academic qualifications.


The goal of our 1 and 2-year Pre-University Soccer Scholarship program is to provide an amazing football and educational experience that takes a player to the next level, prepares them for USA/UK University and supports the development of life-skills.


We work with Preparatory Schools across the US and the ‘International Soccer Academy of America’. These academic and sporting institutions offer residential programs to 15/16/17-year-old male/female footballers, from countries across the world to get an excellent education while developing their talent as a footballer.


In the UK we partner with the amazing ‘Steven Gerrard Academy’ based in Liverpool, England. The ‘Steven Gerrard Academy’ offers 1 and 2-year residential academic learning and football program for male/female players aged 16 and 17 years of age. The 1 and 2-year program provides the very best in education and youth football development.

universiyty soccer scholarships

Our 1, 2, 3 & 4-year Soccer Scholarships are to study in the USA or UK for an Associate, Bachelor and/or Masters Degree of your choice while playing football at a high level for a US or UK university.


University Soccer Scholarships allow players from countries across the world to study for an Associates, Bachelors and/or Masters’ Degree of their choice while playing football at a high level for a UK or USA University. 


The University Soccer Scholarship program offers talented footballers the opportunity to pursue their dreams of playing professionally while continuing their academic studies. The Universities in the USA and UK have amazing facilities and compete in high level leagues and competitions.


Our University Soccer Scholarship programs offer the very best both ‘On and Off the Field’.


We collaborate with universities throughout the USA and have excellent relationships with University/College Head Soccer Coaches across NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA collegiate soccer.


In the UK we are an affiliated partner with the ‘Steven Gerrard Academy’. The University Degree and Football program the Steven Gerrard Academy provide is amazing. The academic learning covers a wide range of Degree study options. The football program schedule is of a professional club standard, includes high level training delivered by accredited Elite Development Academy Coaches, a 9-month University League schedule of games and opportunities to play against Pro Club U23 opposition.


  • We offer a Free 30-minute consultation via Zoom to provide information on our Soccer Scholarship programs and discuss if you are a suitable candidate to secure a UK or USA Soccer Scholarship.

  • We offer a Free evaluation of the grades/exam results you achieved to assess your suitability for a Soccer Scholarship and provide academic learning option information that will support your eligibility.

  • Our Premier League & European Scouts offer a Free evaluation of your playing ability and assess your suitability for a USA or UK Soccer Scholarship.

  • Our ProSoccerGlobal Soccer Scholarship recruitment specialists provide a Free recommendation and matching service where we work with you and our network of contacts in the USA & UK to secure a Soccer Scholarship.

  • Once our ProSoccerGlobal Soccer Scholarship recruitment specialists have secured a Soccer Scholarship offer we will work with you to complete all necessary administration, accreditation and admissions tasks.


For further information about our USA and UK 2 year pre-university and 4 year University Soccer Scholarship programs contact us using the form below or email us directly on 


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